holistic psychotherapist
certified embodied recovery practitioner
certified in safe & sound protocol delivery


I am an author, consultant, speaker, and holistic psychotherapist. I have worked for over 15 years as a therapist and I am the Founder and Clinical Director of Authentic Living Counseling and Wellness. Authentic Living Counseling and Wellness includes a group practice in Atlanta, GA, and my satellite office in Kennebunk, Maine. I divide my time between Maine and Georgia, and see clients in person and virtually in both states.

Early in my career, I worked in clinical mental health settings and went on to create my private practice specializing in work with women recovering from disordered eating and body image concerns. I am a certified eating disorder specialist and supervisor, and I train clinicians around the world in providing trauma informed, body-based healing to their clients. My clinical practice has expanded to helping all people heal their bodies from the effects of trauma and chronic stress. I combine the principles of behavioral science, stress physiology, embodiment, and mindfulness to teach my clients how to reconnect with their body and how to work with their own nervous system to alleviate emotional and physical pain. 

I refer to the psychotherapy I practice as holistic because it combines integrative (somatic) modalities that honor your body’s intuitive wisdom. Somatic, or mind-body therapy, uses therapeutic movement, dialogue and mindfulness to increase your awareness of your internal experience.

My approach blends cognitive and somatic therapies, Polyvagal Theory, and Parts Work. I draw from different schools of thought and therapeutic approaches, but my favorites include Somatic Modalities such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Hakomi, Embodied Recovery, and Transformative Touch. All of this work is greatly influenced by the Polyvagal Theory of the nervous system and attachment. I also draw from the more traditional psychotherapy modalities such as Transpersonal, Existential, Humanistic, Jungian and Internal Family Systems / Ego State Theory. I have a deep passion for understanding human development and healing, and I am a committed life-long learner so that  I can bring cutting-edge techniques into my work with clients. 

Outside of the office, I have a strong desire to get resources to people who may not have access to counseling. As such, I have the pleasure of speaking to organizations and presenting nationally, educating families, clients and clinicians on eating disorders, nervous system regulation and mind/body approaches to healing. I am the author of Ending The Diet Mindset: Reclaim A Healthy and Balanced With Food and Body Image, a book designed to help people heal from our cultural obsession with body image and dieting (paperback and audio version available). I created the free online course, Your Recovery Resource: A Program For Navigating Your Loved One’s Eating Disorder for the family and loved ones of those in recovery. And, I launched the Inner Alchemy Podcast, a series where I connect with all of my favorite healers and helpers in an effort to help people find the healing resources they need to reclaim balance in their own lives. 

I live with a gaggle of rescue dogs and my husband, who is the guy who thinks he’s funny at the beginning of the podcast episodes. We split our time between coastal Maine and Atlanta, GA. I love the beach; I am awestruck by the natural world; I devour metaphysical and spiritual books for fun; my favorite food is dip (too many to choose from); my favorite article of clothing is blue jeans (which I wear most days); and my most recent passion is learning how to plant vegetables and keep them alive long enough to eat them. 

My hope is to share this human journey with you, as together, we do our part to remember who we really are and heal the collective whole.

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