Did you know that a healthy perspective on nutrition feeds the mind just as much as it feeds the body? 

In Season 1, Episode 6 of the Inner Alchemy Podcast, we are joined by Robyn Goldberg, as we dive deeper into the healing power of nutrition, exploring how transforming our relationship with food can play a vital role in our healing journey. 

How Nutrition Can Help You Relax, Rest, and Recharge

Robyn Goldberg is a nutrition expert who has seen the healing power of nutrition firsthand. Through her work and utter wisdom, she has helped others form a healthy relationship with food, while promoting body positivity, size diversity, and shedding light on weight stigma. Robyn utilizes nutrition as a form of self-care for both herself and her clients, using eating as a way to relax, rest, and recharge. 

We often tend to think that nutrition is solely for the health of our bodies, failing to recognize just how closely intertwined our relationship with food is to our mental and emotional wellbeing. 

When we stop eating regularly and start believing that nutrition is something that we have to earn, it isn’t just our bodies that get thrown out of balance. 

We struggle to sleep. We have a hard time concentrating because our minds are on our hunger. We subscribe to diet culture, which obstructs us from our truth, carrying us further and further from our authenticity. 

Because of this, it’s important to remind yourself that nutrition isn’t something that needs to be earned. It is something that is necessary.

Each and every one of us owes it to ourselves to fuel our minds, souls, and bodies, so that we can reclaim balance and heal our relationship with food. Listen to your body’s truth; it does not have the ability to lie to you. Give yourself the grace and loving kindness to put yourself first. 

3 Ways You Can Restore Balance Through Your Diet

Nutrition is just one of many ways that you can pursue healing and transform your life. So, without further ado, here are 3 ways that you too can restore your inner balance through nutrition:

  1. Intentionally carve time into your schedule, every single day. Life gets busy, and society traps us into thinking that our lunch break is the first thing that needs to go when we see how much is on our to-do list. Instead, prioritize your meals. You might just find that your to-do list shrinks a bit quicker when you give yourself the fuel you need to power through the day. 
  1. Practice mindful eating. When you sit down to eat, just eat. Savor every bite. Power down your phone, silence those work emails, set down the book. Giving yourself time to just be with your food is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself.
  2. Don’t deprive yourself of the foods you love. In Robyn’s words: “Our cravings become more intense because we’re denying ourselves what our body needs.” Use the real pasta, instead of the cauliflower noodles. Bake the double fudge chocolate chip cookies you’ve been eyeing. Healing your relationship with food can be fun and enjoyable along the way.

To learn more about the healing power of nutrition, listen to Robyn’s episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts for more episodes that navigate how you can pursue healing to live a life of magic. 

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