There are many messages in our culture that tell us how we should live our lives, and diet culture is no exception. We are constantly being told what the “ideal woman” looks like and the means she should (or shouldn’t) take to get there. 

News flash: There is no such thing as the ideal woman. There is the empowered woman who knows she is capable of living out her wildest dreams. There is the inner alchemist woman who taps into her body and heart wisdom as a daily practice. There is the resilient woman who seeks inner truth in place of narratives of our disembodied culture. But there is no ideal woman. 

Each and everyone of us has the power to silence the chaos of diet culture and heal our relationship with our bodies on the path to inner alchemy. 

We are joined by Jennifer Hnat in Season 1, Episode 7 of the Inner Alchemy Podcast, to explore how you can reject the pressures of diet culture as a means of returning home to your body and becoming the woman you want to be. 

Kiss Diet Culture Goodbye

Jennifer Hnat is a registered dietician nutritionist who helps individuals practice mindful and intuitive eating. Through her own experience, she has learned the importance of tuning into her “intelligent belly wisdom” and giving her body the platform to communicate with her freely and sans shame. 

Of course, overcoming diet culture is much easier said than done. We see and hear the messaging in the shows we watch, the books we read, the products we purchase… even the individuals we follow on social media. It’s difficult to escape.

Our society places emphasis on how we look, sending us frantically chasing success and struggling to attain perfection. It singlehandedly discounts our body, mood, mindset, and wellbeing by depriving us of the nourishment we need in order to be happy, healthy humans.

Diets may trend, but, unlike the 8-eye-oxblood-Doc-Marten-and-athletic-sock-combo I rocked in the eighth grade, your inner wisdom will never go out of style.

And, in Jennifer’s words: “[Your belly] never guides you in the wrong direction.” It is your ally; it will never lie to you.

3 Things You Can Do To Change Your Mindset

Rejecting diet culture has some pretty magical healing power. You will find truth when you listen to yourself over the noise of society. Here are some practical ways to enact that mindset in your daily life: 

  1. Say no to restrictive eating, and, in Jennifer’s words: “…find the food that brings you joy.” Eat satisfying foods, and nourish your body with the joyful energy of things you love. This will help restore a healthy balance to your relationship with food. 
  1. Take what you need from what your body has to offer. Pay attention to how the foods you are nourishing your body with make you feel.
  1. Avoid those diets! The anti-diet movement asks you to put yourself first, give your body the nutrition it needs wants to thrive, and tap into your inner wisdom. When you reject diet culture, you are saying yes to your own healing journey and yes to YOU!

To learn more about the power of rejecting diet culture in our society, listen to Jennifer’s episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts for more wisdom on the healing that is available to you. 

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