Oracle cards often go widely misunderstood. They can be assumed a form of sacrilege because they are perceived as a means to get in touch with the spiritual realm. People tend to fear the insight and predictions that come from oracle card readings. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth, and we are joined by Jennifer Blumenthal on Season 1, Episode 1 of the Inner Alchemy Podcast to clear this up a bit. 

Debunking the Misconception Surrounding Oracle Cards

Jennifer is a Human Spirit Guide who came to this particular line of work by trusting her own intuition. She was invited to a New Age fair and reluctantly went to a booth that was conducting oracle card readings. After a number of other circumstantial run-ins with oracle cards, Jennifer decided to go outside of her comfort zone and pursue the calling further. 

(Insert a resounding “woo-hoo!” for Jen trusting the process!)

Through her education, Jennifer found out the true healing power of oracle cards. If you’re unfamiliar with them beyond the assumed “no no,” they are cards with some sort of artwork on them. This symbolic language, or archetypal language, encourages the innate knowledge within every person to understand themselves and their lives. In other words, these cards tell you what you already know.

In fact, two people will see the same physical card but get totally different wisdom from it. This is because no two life experiences are the same; everyone is drawn to the oracle card in different ways based on the life they’ve lived and the inner wisdom they possess.

In Jen’s words: “Oracle cards are a way to access the primal experiences and feelings that don’t have words.”

To Jennifer, the readings are not predictions of the future or comm lines with the dead, but assessments of the energy patterns in people’s lives. Many people are obstructed from their own knowledge of themselves because of the cultural noise telling them to deny their inner wisdom or their own obstacles to accessing healing. Oracle cards are a way to combat this commotion and help a person get in touch with the Being energy within them. 

And full circle moment: By accessing the greater wisdom and intuition that comes to her by way of oracle cards, Jen has found her own inner power, too. 

How You Can Access Your Inner Wisdom

Oracle cards also function on a psychological level. Our brains are wired to protect us and will often obstruct us from the “deep dive” into healing. Oracle cards are a means to move beyond that obstacle.

When you look at a card, you receive input that sparks your intuition in some way and gives you permission to connect with your own truth. In Jen’s words: “It helps you to see what already exists.”

Like I said before: These cards tell you what you already know!

When you see a card and perceive it as relaying a particular bit of insight or knowledge, that isn’t some higher power telling you how it is. That’s your own inner wisdom telling you how it is. Isn’t that something?

To learn more about oracle cards, listen to Jen’s episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts for more wisdom about the healing available to you.

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