I am writing this as I watch the sun rise over the Rocky Mountains. Needless to say, I am in awe of what I am surrounded by. I’m taking a long overdue and much needed vacation, and practicing what I preach. You know, the self love and self care stuff. Like milk, it does a body good.

What I am so aware of is how relaxed I am. They say that you sometimes don’t recognize something until it’s taken away. I think that is true for the stress and tension that many of us carry in our every day lives. We just become so adapted to that being our every day condition that we stop seeing it as problematic and start identifying it as normal. I can honestly say that is the case for me, and that this vacation has shown me how much I need to bring some of this Colorado energy back with me into my every day life.

Here are a couple of take away’s from my time away that I want to share with you:

  • I love nature. I love being in it, but more importantly being slow and mindful enough to drink it in. Yesterday, I had what I consider to be the honor of watching a red fox run across my driveway. I was elated while watching the beautiful and wild creature. I’m talking kid in a candy shop elated. I love wild life, animals and quite frankly, living in downtown Atlanta doesn’t offer much in the way of experiencing this sort of thing (no offense to my friends, the squirrels. I love them too).
  • My big take away? This feeds my soul. I need more of this. It is up to me to bring this into my life more often. It is up to me to be mindful, and slow down. Maybe it won’t be the Rocky Mountains, or a red fox, but there is beauty and nature everywhere, and I need to literally slow down and smell the roses. Only we can feed our soul – and this experience is a reminder that it’s my responsibility to myself to do just that, regardless of my location or circumstance.

Time Away Is Essential. No matter where I go, near of far, getting out of my surroundings and experiencing new places always gives me a major energy shift. It improves my mindset and always leaves me with a renewed sense of possibility. In addition, it always leaves me feeling energized (and for me, these days, energy is a commodity easily as valuable as gold!). I can’t jet set to Colorado every weekend, but I can get out of my comfort zone, try new places and see new things. I can create my own experiences. And, I can promise myself one or two trips a year to somewhere new and exciting. Creating time for ourselves is critical. It literally feeds our soul.

I hope that you too recognize what feeds your soul. Then, when you do have that clarity, I hope you seek out those very things. It may not be nature, it may be something entirely different, but obtaining what feeds your soul is essential to creating a balanced and happy life. Feeding your soul is a critical need in your journey. You are worth your own time and attention.

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