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One of my favorite aspects of my work is supporting other therapists in the development of their career through clinical supervision, consulting, and practice development coaching.

Individual Supervision & Consultation

I am a certified Eating Disorder Supervisor. I provide individual and group supervision to therapists interested in earning their own Eating Disorder Specialist Certification through iaedp (International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals).

I also provide supervision and consultation to licensed professionals who want to deepen their understanding of working with eating disorder clients, or for those who simply desire support in their overall clinical practice. I provide supervision in person and online. I do not offer supervision to unlicensed professionals looking to obtain licensure at this time.

Consulting For Therapists
Marketing For Therapists

Practice Development & Marketing Coaching


One of my passions is helping therapists learn how to develop thriving private practices that provide spaces for healing in the world AND enrich the soul and life of the therapist themselves.

Too many therapists, with their heart leading the charge, have experienced burnout and confusion in the attempt to build, run, and market a business while trying to deliver quality therapy services. The world needs its therapists to thrive in their attempt to bring their gifts to those that needs them – and therapist burnout hurts us all.


My personal love for networking, branding and the psychology inherent in marketing itself has assisted me in the development of my own private practice, and my ability to ask for help and invest in marketing and branding coaches along my journey has given me invaluable information. Now my joy is helping other therapists learn the same concepts.

Marketing, practice development, social media, and alternative income streams are but a few of the topics that I help therapists and healthcare practitioners in private practice master in one to one coaching and consultation. For rates and more information, inquire below.

Practice Development & Marketing Groups


We also offer professional development, practice building and marketing groups for therapists in Buckhead through Creative Health Initiatives (CHI). For Groups Currently Running – Please Go To

"I absolutely LOVED Ending The Diet Mindset and recommend it to all of my friends and sometimes random people I hear talking about dieting...Becca hits the nail on the head with this well written book that not only lays out the mindsets of people who diet, but provides ways to overcome those mindsets. This book is for ANYONE who has ever been on a diet and helps the reader look at their thoughts, feelings, and motivations, with a heaping side of self-love and body acceptance."

"Becca Clegg is truly inspirational. Every word she says is thoughtful and thought provoking. I have had the privilege of attending her workshops and have been inspired beyond measure by her wisdom and knowledge. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to shine their light even brighter."

"Becca is uniquely connected to what women need. I attended her Miracles, Manifesting & Magic workshop and it was a revelation. Just what I needed when I needed it."

"What I found while working with Becca was life changing; a new sense of self awareness. She is real, her insight is honest, and she makes you feel like an old friend from the first time you meet her. Becca has brought me to understand myself and others in ways I didn't know possible. She showed me how to unwind and release my past, present, and future. I am blessed to have her in my life."


"Becca is uniquely connected to what women need. I attended her Miracles, Manifesting & Magic workshop and it was a revelation. Just what I needed when I needed it."

"It feels good to give myself permission to let go of the things I have felt in the past. I now believe in myself more and am doing things I would never have thought possible."

"I have read Becca's book, Ending the Diet Mindset, and have recommend it to many women. Such insight. Such wisdom. So grateful she is sharing her gifts of empathy and compassion combined with expertise and her own experiences to help women heal broken relationships with their bodies and food.<3"

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