I’m curious if any of this sounds familiar:

• You have to change the T.V. channel when people are embarrassing themselves on the show you are watching. Your body literally cringes.You can’t take it. 

• You can feel tension (truly, palpably, feel it!) when you step into a room where there is conflict amidst people who occupy it.

• Sometimes, you wake up feeling a certain way, and for no reason that makes any rational sense to your brain, that feeling has you in its grips, affecting the way you see the world and interact with everything.

• You’ve learned to filter what you expose yourself to, limiting certain movie genres, types of news, or people for that matter. Certain things are just too much, and you’ve learned that the hard way. 

• “Calm down”, “don’t be so sensitive”, and “stop overreacting” are phrases that you have heard often, and, if you’re like me, despise with the wrath of 1,000 scorned women at this point in your life. 

• And maybe, for some of you, certain sounds, too much visual stimulation, certain food consistencies, smells, or textures on your skin literally feel intolerable. Not just annoying, but unacceptable. You may be sensitive to medications, or food allergies, or basically anything you put in or on your body. 

Highly Sensitive People

If you are nodding your head or feeling at all seen when reading this, chances are you are a highly sensitive person (HSP). This is a term that is used to describe a normal way of seeing the world that is the experience of 15-20% of the population (for more information about HSP, click here.)

My purpose in writing this is not to explain what being an HSP is like, I am guessing that you probably already know what it is like from lived experience. My clients, and the people that tend to feel connection with my writing typically see themselves in the description of the HSP to some extent. 

This blog is for one purpose only, and that is to remind you that this aspect of who you are, your sensitivity, is a gift. 

Like any gift, it is something that ideally is cherished and as such, treated with respect and lots of care. The problem is, in our culture, if you are lucky enough to have the gift of being highly sensitive (yes, I said lucky, keep reading!), you have probably also run into people telling you that your gift was a problem. A curse. You’ve likely been told that you are TOO sensitive. TOO much. TOO needy, and the list goes on. 

You’ve been given a message that your gift is a burden. You’ve been told that in order to “fit in” you should (at best) tone down or (at worst) eliminate the gift of your sensitivity. And for many of you, that edict felt critical for your safety and survival. 

What a trap. Give up your essence or be rejected.

A Critical Mindset Shift

My hope is that if you are reading this, there is a piece of you that is responding to me and saying, “Yes, a gift. This could be a gift”. Start there. Let yourself ask questions and be curious.

• How does being sensitive improve your life?

• What are the things about being sensitive that make you a good friend/parent/spouse/partner?

• What parts of your sensitivity are people drawn to?

• What do you appreciate about others in your life you suspect might be highly sensitive?

Be open to thinking about how your sensitivity gives you skills, and abilities to navigate this world in your own special and unique way. 

We are born with the essence of what it is we naturally do best. Working against our nature is an uphill battle. If you can learn to embrace yourself and understand yourself (with compassion and patience), not only do your gifts begin to flourish for all the world to benefit, but your journey typically gets easier. 

You do not have to constantly fix yourself. You are not broken.

You are gifted. 

You just might need to spend time with your gifts, learning how to manage and nurture them. Your sensitivity needs you to embrace and protect it. It needs some TLC! 

Once you learn to do this, it’s like turning a corner after being on a lonely, barren road and realizing you are actually walking down a path in a lush paradise. The perspective shift is massive. And that, folks, is when healing starts getting fun. 

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