Many of us likely wish that we had the how-to on life, the step-by-step instructions that would get us exactly where we are supposed to be at exactly the right time. A little voice telling us where to turn left, when to turn around, when to try again. Well, what if I told you that the little voice is already within us? 

On Season 1, Episode 5 of the Inner Alchemy Podcast, we are joined by Lisa Thex to discover the healing power of tapping into your intuition and learning to trust that little voice inside. 

Tapping Into Your Intuition

Lisa Thex is a Pranic Energy Worker, psychic, and medium who has learned how to trust her intuition by listening to the universe and herself as she pursued this particular line of work. She uses her intuitive gift to help others find the clarity they are searching for, while providing direction for those who tend to listen to everyone but themselves. Lisa has seen the healing power of intuition at work, transforming peoples’ lives as they return home to their inner wisdom. 

Our society has conditioned us to doubt our inner knowing, to ignore our own intuition, to hesitate out of fear. It creates this environment of distrust within ourselves, as we are constantly battling between what we already know to be true and what our culture tells us to be true.

We often look for guidance outside of ourselves, using the opinions of others to validate our sense of self or dictate our judgment, when really, we should be looking for that very guidance inside of ourselves. Your intuition knows best, you know best. And, cultural BS aside —  trusting yourself is the most courageous and transformative thing you can do. 

Let’s make one thing abundantly clear: Every single human being possesses intuition. It’s not some sort of secret gift you happen upon in your gene pool. Each and every one of us comes into this world with that magic already inside of us. 

Tapping into your intuition starts by listening to yourself, trusting your inner guidance, and acting on those gut-instincts, so that you can truly access the healing power of your very own intuition. 

Tune into the beliefs at your very core. Listen to yourself. Trust your gut. If it feels wrong, it might not be meant for you, and that’s okay!

How You Can Return Home to Your Inner Wisdom

Your intuition is like a compass that you can take with you on your healing journey. It helps you determine the best route to take. It lets you know when you aren’t quite heading in the right direction. It tells you how you can return home to your inner wisdom. 

  1. Start small. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Recognize when that inner wisdom is talking, and work on being more receptive to YOU. Trusting yourself, in ways both big and small, is the first step to reclaiming your inner wisdom. Go with your gut instinct, see where it leads. You never know where you might end up! 
  1. Ask questions. Does this feel right to me? Does this resonate with me? And, if it doesn’t, try something else! Step away from those things that don’t feel quite right in your body and being.
  1. Believe in yourself. Tapping into your intuition is for everyone– including you. Give yourself some credit; you are capable of amazing things. It’s never too late to access that magic. In Lisa’s words: “Your mind is the limit!”

To learn more about tapping into your intuition, listen to Lisa’s episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts for more episodes as we explore the many modalities of healing that are accessible to you. 

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