Hypnosis is a powerful tool that uses deep relaxation of the conscious mind and body.

While in a deeply relaxed state, the therapist focuses the attention of the unconscious mind, highlighting directed thoughts and suggestions that guide your imagination and attention towards the beliefs you want to embody.

Hypnosis has been shown to:

  • Promote relaxation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce problems related to stress
  • Help to reach goals, and promote healing
  • Aid learning, creativity, and performance
  • Help you feel more in control of your emotions and thought processes
  • Improve your attitudes, health, and sense of well-being

Hypnosis as a relaxation tool is easy and powerful. The state reached during hypnosis is very similar to the state achieved through meditation. Many people enjoy the ability to access this form of relaxation using hypnosis (in particular those who struggle with traditional meditation techniques).


What does a hypnosis session entail?

I use hypnosis to help people deepen their connection with their own desires. Each session consists of time spent discussing the desired changes or beliefs you want to increase or overcome, and the hypnosis session itself (about 20 minutes) where we incorporate affirmative statements regarding the changes you desire to make. Each session is recorded and the MP3 recording is provided to you. 

In order to truly make your hypnosis experience unique to you, I require an intake session before we have a hypnosis session. This means that a minimum of 2 sessions is required before you will have a hypnosis experience or recording. Any additional hypnotherapy session is at your discretion and once you have had an intake no additional intake is required. If you are working with a therapist and would like me to coordinate with them as part of your intake, I am happy to do so. (If you are a current or potential psychotherapy client of mine and want to incorporate Hypnotherapy sessions into our work, please let me know. Any modality of work done under the umbrella of psychotherapy will be billed at my psychotherapy rate.) 

I do hypnosis sessions both in person and virtually. 


Session Time: 50 minutes
Investment: $200/session

**I do not do hypnosis for behavioral modification such as weight loss or smoking sensation**

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