Inner Alchemy Workbook


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Inner Alchemy Workbook
Turning Reactivity to Creativity

The Inner Alchemy Workbook is the start to accessing your balance. When you first came into this world, you were a balanced being. You were equal parts intuition and action, interpersonal and independent, sun and moon, being and doing. But the “grind culture” and “hustle mindset” quickly got its hands on you, and now you find yourself so very tired. You are aware you are doing too much, and yet, it never feels like enough. You react to life as it happens to you as a matter of survival, and you find yourself subject to self-sabotage, perfectionism, and burnout.

Most of all, you know the life you want has more to it than this, but you feel like you don’t know how to align with it in today’s day and age. The Inner Alchemy Workbook is designed to help you turn that reactivity into creativity using your inner alchemist– your magical, authentic self that holds the power to transform and shine forth.



Access Your Copy of the Inner Alchemy Workbook

The Inner Alchemy Workbook was designed in conjunction with my latest project, The Inner Alchemy Podcast. I wanted to expand upon the various healing methods explored on the podcast and give you a 32-page tool to do the inner work and start identifying how this imbalance plays out in your own life.

This workbook includes journal prompts to help you get curious about your own beliefs, and a 6-step reflection process to implement before any big undertaking or change that you can later revisit to see if you held fast to your commitment. This is my gift to you, and while this is only the tip of the iceberg, I hope it helps begin the inner alchemy process of transmuting the grit into gold and creating a life of balance and freedom. 






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The Inner Alchemy Workbook


I am happy to offer you this workbook for free. I firmly believe that cultural balance cannot be restored until we commit to doing the inner work. I hope, by sending this workbook into the world, more people will have access to healing and recognize that there is an untapped magic within them that will help them pursue the life they’ve always dreamed of. 

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