My favorite definition for alchemy is as follows:

Alchemy /ˈalkəmē/ noun A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination

Y’all. . . This always gives me goose bumps every time I read/write/hear it.

Transformation and creation are magical. Combining opposites (as in mixing opposing energies, like Yin + Yang or Masculine + Feminine or Being + Doing) is nothing short of magical. 

When human beings change, heal, and transform, an enchanting thing is happening. This is why I freaking love what I do. This is why all the hard work that goes into the healing process is so incredibly worth it. I get to watch magic before my very eyes when you invest in a healing journey with me as your therapist. 

How Harry Potter Plays Into Alchemy

Why do you think that J.K. Rowling has reportedly made over a billion dollars and overtaken Queen Elizabeth on Britain’s “Rich List”? On the surface, she writes children’s books about wizards and magic. And yet, millions upon millions of grown ass adults gobbled up her books with a hunger they didn’t even know they had inside of them. How does that make any sense? 

I believe that it is because, on a deep level, we yearn to connect with the truth of who we are at our core; we are magical. 

Harry Potter is this young boy who doesn’t even know he’s special; he doesn’t know that magic exists in the world; and he certainly doesn’t see it inside of himself. He doesn’t realize he has these amazing abilities and powers to overcome darkness. The book series (in case you haven’t read them, which, by the way, seriously needs to be remedied) follows his journey of reckoning with his fears as he realizes his power and the truth about his own magic. 

The world ate this up, making Rowling richer than the Queen mum herself, and tapping into a collective unconscious truth that spoke to the masses.

How Inner Alchemy and Therapy are Connected

Here are a couple of truths about inner alchemy and why some therapist is writing about Harry Potter in the first place:

•The process of therapy is inner alchemy.

•Healing emotional trauma in the body is inner alchemy.

•Being vulnerable and learning to communicate your needs is inner alchemy.

•Balancing your “Being” versus “Doing” energy is inner alchemy.

•Self-care is inner alchemy.

•Taking risks and allowing yourself to make mistakes is inner alchemy.

•Learning how to fully embody your emotions is inner alchemy.

•Recognizing the power that lies in your ability to respond is inner alchemy.

We are all Harry Potter. Magic is the alchemy that happens inside of each and every human being, each and every day. It is inside of all of us. We have the power to heal; we just need to see it inside of ourselves. 

Check out the Inner Alchemy Podcast to learn how tap into that magic that is already within you.

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