When I have an idea, sometimes it can take a long time to come to fruition, but when it does, there’s no better feeling in the world. That’s how I feel writing this blog post right now — pretty darn amazing. 

I’m excited to announce that in January 2021, I’m launching The Inner Alchemy Podcast. Each episode will focus on restoring balance using the magic you already have within you through conversations about emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Why Now?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, stewing on what it is I want to say following the 2018 release of my book, Ending The Diet Mindset. I felt proud of myself for creating something that focused on disordered eating and diet culture, a message that was so personal and important to me, but once I had done that, I almost immediately knew there was more. I felt on a deep, cellular level that I wanted to broaden my reach and access an even deeper truth. Here’s what I realized: 

The transformation I was witnessing in women healing from eating disorders didn’t solely apply to their situation. It was the healing that is possible for the whole world.

(You might be thinking: “Wait, whaaaat?” Bold statement, I know. But hear me out.)

Working as a therapist for almost 20 years has brought me into relationships with many different people facing many different problems. Witnessing the vast array of humans while they worked on healing their emotional wounds, while simultaneously observing the world around me, has brought me to a few conclusions about the healing process and humanity at large:

  1. Our inner wounds create the outer chaos we see rampant in our world.

I firmly believe that the world is traumatized.

We are a collective mass of traumatized children running around in adult bodies trying our hardest to make sense out of this world. We are beautiful and amazing, yet terribly flawed and wounded, and we ultimately making a mess of things in the process of trying to figure it all out. That’s just how it goes. Think what you will about what it means to be human, but you would be hard-pressed to deny that humans are collectively suffering and struggling, and never has this been more apparent than it is today. 

That can be scary and exhausting on so many levels, but it also presents an opportunity for healing. As the saying goes, “You can’t clean the dirt you don’t see,” but now we see it. So let’s do something about it and work to heal ourselves. 

Read: “Healing Is Your Responsibility

2. Finding balance and harmony is magic, and it’s yours for the taking.

When I look at the world, and the work I see people doing to heal their own wounds, I see a parallel relationship. The imbalance inside of all of us is the same imbalance I see in the world: We are trying with all of our might to balance our masculine and feminine principles.

We are split down the middle, polarized and divided, because our culture has taught us to create a division within ourselves. You’ve heard the saying, “As above, so below”? Well, I think it also applies in the following way: “As inside, so outside.” Or in other words, as things are within you, so they are in the whole world. 

Accountability versus empathy shouldn’t be a stand-off conflict; it should be a collaboration between two principles that are designed to work together.

Taking versus giving shouldn’t be an argument; it should be a dance between two opposites that are equally valued for their role in wholeness.

Doing and being shouldn’t stand nose to nose in opposition; they are two necessary components of being a mindful and actionable human being. 

In short: We cannot heal the world by shifting from one dichotomy to another.

3. While the wound is not your fault, the healing is your responsibility.

Before you get defensive and stop reading, let me tell you, I used to hate that quote. I don’t even know who to attribute it to, I just know it made me want to spit nails. I wrote an entire blog about how much I hated it, but let me just cut to the chase and explain what I mean. 

Saying the healing is your responsibility isn’t blame or victim-shaming; it’s where the magic happens. Your ability to respond a.k.a. “response-ability,” is the seat of your power in life. While, we can’t control the world, the suffering, and the things that happen to us, we also aren’t left completely without power. What you choose to do after a hurt is everything!

Healing is possible for each and every person out there. Let me say it again for those in the cheap seats: You can heal. It starts with you, and you already have the magic inside of you; you just have to figure out how to tap into it. 

In Comes the Inner Alchemy Podcast

As mentioned earlier, I had been chewing and, honestly, obsessing over these three concepts for the past few years. I kept asking myself: 

•How do I do my part in the healing process of the world to help people realize that it starts with finding balance within?

•How do I share the rich experiences I have had with my own healing and all of the cool, amazing healers I’ve met along the way? 

•How do I get the knowledge about, resources for, and access to healing out to a broader audience so that more people can transform? 

And, full circle, that’s how The Inner Alchemy Podcast was born. 

Alchemy is defined as a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. It’s the combination of these opposites that creates the magic of healing. And it is not only your birthright to restore balance, but it is also your responsibility.

Read: The Culture is the Culprit for more about how balance is your birthright. 

We have so many incredible modes of healing at our fingertips, and it is my mission to teach you about them, encouraging you to find some that will help you break free from the toxic imbalanced “grind culture.” These conversations are about helping you find clarity and purpose in a world that encourages you to deny your very humanity in exchange for a crammed calendar.

Each episode explores a different method of healing: and we will cover everything from the über science-based clinical approaches to the meta-physical (“woo-woo”) world of transformative healing. We cover the basics and then some, all in pursuit of balance… and a little bit of magic. 

Want to hear a little snippet of the podcast before the first episode in January 2021? Listen here!

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