Owning your own story involves taking a chance by immersing yourself fully in your honesty. Each and every human has the strength and courage within to face their darkness and embrace their truth, and this is an elemental part of accessing your own healing.

While this can be incredibly difficult, we were joined by Rachel Elise Sellers in Season 1, Episode 2 of the Inner Alchemy Podcast to explore the healing power of honesty and vulnerability. 

Embracing Your Whole & True Self

Rachel Sellers is a Mental Health Counselor who has learned to live authentically by stepping into her own fears, allowing her to help others do the same. Through her own experience with an eating disorder, she harnessed the power of vulnerability and has witnessed the magic of honesty within her own journey. Rachel stands as a testament that full recovery is possible, and she is a beacon of light for those who seek to feel seen and understood. 

Rachel’s story deconstructs the cultural stigma surrounding eating disorders. By bravely talking about her experience, she found that self-disclosure was worth the risk. It continues to heal her, yet helps heal others as well. Her story works to end the stigma, and it communicates that you are not alone in your human struggle. 

Let’s be real: Being human is hard.

Our society has created a culture in which the ‘highlight reels’ of life are widely accepted as reality. It emphasizes the accomplishments, while assigning shame to the other, less glamorous aspects associated with being human. Every emotion we feel (both good and not-so-good!) are part of living the human experience. 

When you are honest with your journey and begin to share that with others, you can open the door to finding your true self and owning your own story. 

For Rachel, owning her own story meant opening a portal. The opportunities began to present themselves once she stopped running away from her vulnerabilities. 

In Rachel’s words: “Owning your own story means being honest about the reality about what’s going on in your soul, in yourself, and in your relationships. It means to stop pretending.”

It is okay to stop pretending. It is okay not to be okay. And it is even more okay to pursue your healing wholeheartedly.

How You Can Own Your Own Story to Access Healing

Owning your own story has boundless healing power on the road to recovery. You discover your light once you confront the darkness. Leaning into the uncomfortable is where healing begins. It helps a person to get in touch with their innermost selves. 

  1. Recognize the many narratives that make it difficult to be genuine to yourself. Connect to your own truth. Being yourself in a world that teaches you otherwise is courageous!
  1. Take a chance on yourself. Every part of you is valuable. When you own your own story, you are saying yes to honesty and yes to yourself! 
  1. And finally: Stop pretending. Minimizing your emotions and suppressing your pain prevents you from living your truth. 

To learn more about owning your own story, listen to Rachel’s episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts for more episodes that explore the various ways to heal and reclaim balance. 

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