The Inner Alchemy Podcast

Alchemy is defined as the seemingly magical process of transformation and creation.

But what if it doesnโ€™t take magic to become the person youโ€™ve always wanted to be?

What if finding your clarity and purpose is perfectly within your reach?

We exist in a culture that values crammed calendars and multitasking rather than connecting with ourselves. We want to be everywhere at once instead of fully present in one place. We are exhausted, and we crave rest and balance. We yearn to remember what it feels like to be a human

being instead of drudging through life as a human doing.

The Inner Alchemy Podcast with author, speaker, and psychotherapist Becca Clegg seeks to restore that balance through conversations with some of her favorite healers and helpers. Each episode explores a different method of personal development: Everything from the empirically validated modes of therapy, to the ancient + mysterious metaphysical methods of healing. We cover the basics and then some, all in pursuit of balance… and a little bit of magic.

Podcast Episodes

Welcome to the Inner Alchemy Podcast

by Becca Clegg

The Healing Power of Metaphor and Storytelling

by Becca Clegg

The Healing Power of Oracle Cards

by Becca Clegg

The Healing Power of Owning Your Own Story

by Becca Clegg

The Power of Healing Your Relationship with Money

by Becca Clegg


Don and Claire of The Ormewoods for donating their single #HopePraySing as the soundtrack to the Inner Alchemy Podcast.

Check out the music video here!ย 

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