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The Healing power of Tapping into intuition

I am thrilled to welcome Pranic Energy Worker and good friend, Lisa Thex, on this episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Lisa shares her eye-opening perspective on how obstructed we, as humans, are from our own intuition. We are taught to listen to everything but ourselves when making decisions or reevaluating goals, but Lisa invites us to question why this is and how to get back to our own inner wisdom. We also talk Twitch, Prince, and other favorites of Lisa’s that keep good energy flowing. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts





ABOUT Lisa Thex:


Lisa Thex is a psychic, medium, Pranic Healing Energy Worker, Akashic Record Consultant Intuitive Life Coach and Facilitator. Her services include readings, Pranic Healing Energy Sessions, Purpose Life Coaching, House Clearings and Class Facilitation. Lisa believes that all people have the gift the tune into themselves and others. One only has to open his or her mind to the possibilities. Her focus statement is: Journey inward and discover yourself.

She is certified in the Anastasi System of Psychic Development, Pranic Healing, Aura Therapy and is a Double Certified Life Coach. In addition, she has over 10 years of professional facilitation experience. She produces her own product line of clearing smudge spray, bath salts, and soap. The most passionate part of her work has been the creation of a unique blend of Pranic Healing Energy Work utilizing the Bio Mat, hand held crystals, aromatherapy, binaural beat meditation, and psychic information. She is the mother to 2 children (ages 20 and 16) and 1 dog child. Her office is part of the Magical Muses Metaphysical Center in Buckhead.

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"One of the most important parts of tapping into your intuition is believing that you can."

-Lisa Thex on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

"Some say the sky's the limit, but I believe your mind is the limit."

-Lisa Thex on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

"What we don't know we tend to fear."

-Lisa Thex on the Inner Alchemy Podcast


Energy work is a medium or pathway to healing that is facilitated by an energy worker like Lisa but motivated by your own mind and divinity. As a result, Lisa recommends a person research the process further with some of the resources listed below: 


Binaural Beats

Pranic Healing

The BioMat

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