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Mazi Robinson joins us on this episode of The Inner Alchemy Podcast to talk about shame and vulnerability and just how powerful both of these things can be in our lives. We talk about the small steps and big leaps to becoming more unabashedly vulnerable,  the “no shame” behind Mazi still using hot rollers, and just saying “no” if you don’t want to go to Chili’s. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts






Mazi Robinson is a licensed professional counselor and speaker specializing in helping women discover their true voice as they navigate self worth/self esteem challenges, relationship concerns, and life stage transitions. She is the Founder and Director of Cultivate. Through its counseling center and bi-monthly gatherings, Cultivate encourages women to cultivate joy, courage, and freedom in their lives as they pursue emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Mazi resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two sons. She is an avid ‘Friends’ fan, loves dinner on the porch with friends, and is passionate about telling women they are loved and worthy.

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"None of your pain will be wasted."

-Mazi Robinson on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

"There are so many people out there making money off of women not liking themselves, of women not believing they're good enough as they are."

-Mazi Robinson on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

"Yes, you will take big leaps of vulnerability and courage in your life, but you won't take those big leaps until you take the baby steps first."

-Mazi Robinson on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

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