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The Healing power of couples counseling

This episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast highlights the healing power of couples’ counseling with relationship coach and therapist, Mika Ross. Mika talks about the cultural disparity between the expectations of moms and dads, as well as the misconception that couples have to wait until the relationship is too far gone to seek help. She also shares her recipe for the perfect morning coffee, as well as the secret behind getting rid of your to-go cups. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts





ABOUT Mika Ross:

Mika is a licensed Therapist, Relationship Coach, Speaker, and mom of three who has dragged couples into better relationships through her private practice, live workshops, and comprehensive and online programs for couples for 14 years. She has a not-so-secret mission to help moms say, “WHY do I have to tell you what to do, WHY CAN’T YOU JUST KNOW??!” less in their relationships so they can lead more fulfilled and authentic lives. Did you know the #1 predictor of a woman’s marital satisfaction is *perceived fairness in distribution of household and family related task*?

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"So many men are feeling like they can never do enough, like the goal post is always moving... and women are feeling like they aren't enough."

-Mika Ross on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

"I wish more people understood the toxicity of resentment."

-Mika Ross on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

"Relationships don't just break one day. They break very slowly over time."

-Mika Ross on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

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