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The Healing power of NUTRITION

We are joined by nutrition expert, Robyn Goldberg, on this episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast to talk about how crucial it is to prioritize a healthy relationship with food. Whether baking cornbread or cycling across a foreign country, Robyn’s dedication to a scheduled lunch break is only a small portion of the wisdom she offers us in this episode. Listen now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  






Robyn L. Goldberg, RDN, CEDRD, INC. Private Practice. Robyn began her career at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles as the in-patient dietitian in the Department of Cardiology. Over the last twenty three years she has developed her own private practice in Beverly Hills, CA, where she specializes in disordered eating, eating disorders, HAES (Health at Every Size), Medical Conditions, individuals in recovery and pregnancy nutrition. She serves as a Nutrition Consultant for the Celiac Disease Foundation. She was the eating disorder specialist at The Control Center and ran several body image/eating disorder groups at sober livings in Los Angeles. Robyn was also the Consultant for the Susan Krevoy Eating Disorders Program at The Wright Institute Los Angeles.

Robyn is a contributing author and has been quoted in various publications such as The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Diabetes Forecast, Shape, The Fix, Fitness, Life & Style, Pilates Style, BH Weekly and Todays Dietitian. She has made appearances on national TV shows and is a nationally known speaker in the eating disorder community promoting positive body image, weight stigma and size diversity. Robyn is the author of the book The Eating Disorder Trap and the host of the podcast The Eating Disorder Trap Podcast.

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"Not blocking out the time to eat can be a lack of worthiness or self-care."

-Robyn Goldberg on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

"Our cravings become more intense because we're denying ourselves what our body needs."

-Robyn Goldberg on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

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