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Grief Like Glitter and feelings That Aren’t Yours

This week’s guest is self-mastery coach, change agent and unofficial master mixtape maker, Adair Cates. Adair joins us to explore some pretty hefty questions like, “Can our pain expand our experiences?” and “How can grief be our greatest teacher?” Adair and I explore reframing the way we view our pain, returning to our breath as the anchor, and putting ‘return to sender’ on feelings that don’t belong to us. This conversation is wholehearted and vulnerable, and I invite you to join us in learning how life itself– if you’re paying attention– is a way to heal. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 









Adair Cates is a highly sought-after XCHANGE Certified Guide and Self-Mastery Coach. She guides spirited achievers on a journey of constant growth and expansion, and invites them to use their unique strengths to manifest their brightest future doing what they love, being in alignment with their true purpose and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Adair has been inspiring  from the stage since the third grade, and for more than ten years she’s coached and trained leading executives in the software, healthcare, baby products, and real estate industries.

Adair is the author of two self-improvement books, Live with Intention and Fully Engaged. She also hosted The Morning Light Show podcast, publishing over 250+ episodes driven by her obsession to convert everyone into early risers and morning conquerors.

In addition, Adair earned a Master of Science in Training and Performance Improvement at Capella University, a Master of Arts in Spanish Education from Appalachian State University and holds a BA in Journalism and Spanish from the University of North Carolina. Formal education aside, most of all, Adair is a student of life, constantly reading, learning, reflecting and seeking truth every day of her life. She lives in Atlanta and is Mom to two spirited (and totally opposite!) twin daughters Joy and Coral.


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