31-Day Self Love Challenge




Many of us deny ourselves the love we need, the love we deserve because we think it’s selfish to look inward or we don’t think ourselves worthy. But what if I told you that self love is the very thing that helps us show up better for ourselves AND others? What if I told you that your healing starts with knowing you are worthy of the balance and reciprocity and intrinsic ‘enough-ness’ that comes with healing?

The 31-Day Self Love Challenge is a downloadable PDF workbook to send you on the journey back to yourself. Self-love isn’t something we absorb or naturally gravitate towards in today’s day and age– We have to learn it, work towards it, integrate it… and then repeat all of the above when– as we humans tend to do– we forget that we are worthy of self-love and self-compassion.

Each day of the challenge includes a reflection from Becca, an affirmation to carry with you throughout the day, and a journal exercise to apply what you’ve read. Print it off, download it on your tablet or smartphone. Find your way back to yourself again.

This is a downloadable PDF file. Photo is for mockup purposes only. 

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