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“Becca has the unique ability to connect with her audience, helping them move beyond their fear into purpose and action. Becca has taken her knowledge acquired as a therapist and translated it into motivational, yet digestible content that connects to people on both an individual and organizational level.”

Partial Speaking List:

  • Summit For Clinical Excellence, Atlanta, GA
  • SEED – South Eastern Eating Disorder Conference
  • Coastal Collaborative Eating Disorder Conference
  • IFEDD – Los Angelos, California
  • Structure House, Durham, North Carolina 
  • LPCA of Georgia 
  • Emory University – Atlanta, Georgia
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • Georgia Society of Clinical Social Workers
  • Oglethorpe University – Atlanta, GA
  • Agness Scott College – Atlanta, GA

Frequently Requested Talks:

  • Ending The Diet Mindset – How Women Can Reclaim Their Power and Heal Their Relationship With Food and Body Image
  • What is Healthy Anyway?: A Balanced Look At Health for The Body, Mind & Soul
  • Breaking Through Your Mindset Limitations – Move Beyond Fear Into Authentic Action
  • Women’s Leadership: A Balanced Look at Claiming Our Leadership Roles

Speaking Inquiry

From personalized corporate training, to large keynote speeches, I love connecting to groups and organizations. Contact me to discuss how we could customize a talk perfect for your needs.

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“It was when she first dared to see her truth that the winds howled…the stars rejoiced, the universe opened, and even her bones sang: “I Matter!”

- Terri St. Cloud

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