We are gearing up for an intense few weeks. This means now, more than ever, it’s critical that you focus on releasing built up tension and completing the stress cycle. Life might feel totally out of your control, but how you prioritize your own stress management is not.

On October 31 (Halloween no less), we will have a full moon.

Clocks are rolling back and time is literally changing the following day.

Tuesday is gearing up to be one of the most heated, divisive, and important elections our country has ever seen.

Oh, and need I mention that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic? (No, I didn’t think so, as if we can forget. . .)

It’s so normal for any one of us to want to just numb out and turn it all off in times like this. And honestly, sometimes that is what we need to do (just keeping it real).

But it’s also important to remember that we must “complete the stress cycle”, in other words, completely feel and move through the feeling, so that we don’t keep the stress and tension trapped in our body (do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast with Brene Brown for amazing ways to complete the stress cycle.)

So, if you turn your feelings off, or check out, make sure you have some safe place designated for turning back on. “Stress Management” is often about finding ways to release the emotions from your body.

  • Intentionally engage in your spiritually informed practices
  • Practice yoga
  • Connect with friends
  • Go for a long run
  • Dance it out
  • Scream bloody murder – into a pillow or out loud (just be aware it might alert your neighbors!)

They all work. But you have to remember to do it.

Schedule it into your calendar this week. Go ahead and “cope ahead” – as in, do these things before the stress sneaks up on you and you find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

Whatever this week brings us, our lives will continue to be there, waiting for us the following week, and that means you have to be able to show up for it. For your life; for yourself.

For all of us who need one another now more than ever.

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