Transformative Touch (TT) is a healing method that combines touch and talk to address the health and wellbeing of the client’s mind, body, and spirit. 

Through the use of gentle touch and mindful awareness of body sensations, the client and therapist are able to access wisdom stored in the subconscious mind (which is the body itself).

During the session, TT Therapists work with the client’s nervous system, guiding clients to:

  • reconnect to their body
  • understand their nervous system and how to self-regulate
  • give attention and compassion to the sensations in their bodies. Sensations are how the body communicates and the body is the subconscious mind
  • restore movement in their bodies, as movement is the key to life, which unlocks the full expression of self
  • express emotions long held in the body
  • release trauma and tension trapped in the body 

Is Transformative Touch like massage therapy?

No. The touch used in TT is gentle and used to bring awareness to the clients body and internal experience.  TT sessions are done with the client fully clothed while the therapist applies gentle touch and invites movement into the client’s body.

What will happen in a session?

All sessions are 50 minutes. We begin with a brief seated conversation and spend the majority of the session on the massage table communicating with the body via the transformative touch method. TT sessions are done with the client fully clothed while the therapist applies gentle touch and invites movement in the client’s body. The therapist invites feedback and engages in dialogue with the client as they work collaboratively to explore the sensations and other experiences that occur in the client’s body during the session. The sequence of a TT session involves touch primarily with the head, feet, legs, hips and shoulders.  

TT does not involve extensive verbal analysis of the experience. Many people who do Transformative Touch choose to also work with a talk therapist for this reason, so as to have a place to verbally process their insights and awareness. If this is the case, I am happy to work with and coordinate care with your therapist if you and I work together. (If you are a current or potential psychotherapy client of mine and want to incorporate Transformative Touch sessions into our work, please let me know. Any modality of work done under the umbrella of psychotherapy will be billed at my psychotherapy rate.) 

Who is a good candidate for Transformative Touch (TT)?

Transformative Touch (TT) is for anyone seeking to – 

  • learn how to release tension and stress in the body
  • become more a more embodied individual
  • go beyond talk therapy 
  • break through subconscious patterns of sabotage
  • manage and alleviate chronic pain  
  • access the wisdom of your body
  • improve body image by befriending the body
  • work through past trauma
  • increase your self-compassion
  • experience the full range of human emotions
  • increase your ability to self-regulate


Session time: 50 minutes/session
Fee: $200/session

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