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Exercise resistance, the she wolf archetype, and daring to trust your inner dialogue

My jaw was dropped for most of this week’s episode with Francie White where we talk about exercise resistance and the valuable inquiry into our own consciousness, and you’ll quickly be able to tell why. Francie joins us on the Inner Alchemy Podcast to discuss what’s really going on in our psyche when our lack of motivation to exercise falls by the wayside. We discuss the danger of results-based motivation, the she-wolf archetype that lies inside each and every one of us, and the a-ha moments that can help us heal our relationships with our bodies. We even take a trip down memory lane to chat about the effect that the high school pull-up and fitness awards had on today’s exercise and wellness culture. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts






Francie White is a theorist and practitioner in the science and art of nutritional psychology as well as a creative force investigating and teaching about philosophies of consciousness. She has a 35 year history at the forefront of treatment for all types of disordered eating, which parallels her abounding interest in the deeper questions about the nature of reality, and the importance of resurrecting wonder within the journey of human life.

Jungian psychology, cosmology and inquiry processes are at the source of the workshops, teachings and individual sessions Francie facilitates. She considers herself a team member, and co-creator with her many colleagues and primarily with the Intelligence within each of us, individually and collectively. 

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"There is a force within us that will become rebellious when we are told to do something even though we want to want to do it."

-Francie White on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

"When did playing become transformed to exercise?"

-Francie White on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

"Warring with oneself is so eroding of quality of life."

-Francie White on the Inner Alchemy Podcast

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