Ending the Diet Mindset

Reclaim a Healthy and Balanced Relationship with Food and Body Image

How many times have you gone on a diet, only to find weeks or even days later you’re right back where you started? And each time you’ve given up on your diet, you inevitably feel like you’ve given up on yourself. Available in both print and audio format, this book will give you the tools to radically transform your relationship with food and body image.

Ending the Diet Mindset

“If you have ever been on a diet, you owe it to yourself to read this book.”

Decades of dieting have created a culture where women are afraid of food and no longer know how to eat the way nature intended.

Despite evidence and research that shows dieting does not work, it remains a multimillion-dollar industry and continues to be the only solution presented when faced with the question,
“How do I create a balanced relationship with food??”

Becca Clegg, LPC, CEDS, proposes a radical alternative:

To improve your relationship with food, you must first improve your relationship with yourself.

You must recognize how destructive mindsets inherent in our diet culture have infiltrated your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to identify the real problem and correct your course. By identifying the Ten Destructive Diet Mindsets, you can change your perspective on dieting and embrace a newfound respect for your body.

Live a life free of obsession, and instead gain the courage to love yourself and find peace within.

“A densely packed and richly empathetic revamping of the dieting world…Every reader who’s ever struggled with dieting or weight issues should find the author’s outlook captivating.


Kirkus Reviews

“In a diet-saturated world that seems to create the very problem it proposes to solve, Ending the Diet Mindset proposes a radical alternative…”


Psych Central Reviews

“In this book, Becca Clegg, LPC, CEDS, offers a new perspective on setbacks and long-term growth….Your journey of change is an internal process where you change perspective and acquire wisdom…”


Gürze Catalog

“Written for both clinicians and those with eating disorders, Ms. Clegg presents a roadmap to help people reclaim a satisfying relationship with eating and body image.”



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In Ending the Diet Mindset, Becca Clegg skillfully shows how dieting actually supports the tyranny of food and body obsession, rather than delivering on its promise of freedom from negative body image. Using her own personal recovery experience, in addition to her professional expertise as a certified eating disorder therapist, she compassionately spells out what diet mentality is — and how to transform it to achieve a peaceful, balanced relationship with food. I highly recommend this book to all those seeking to transform their relationship with food and claim their birthright to live freely and joyfully in their bodies.


Anita Johnston, Ph.D.

Author, Eating in the Light of the Moon

In Ending the Dieting Mindset, Becca Clegg provides a unique and invaluable resource for those stuck in the painful life of the diet. Drawing from personal experience and years of professional work, Becca captures the essence of the dieting mindset in each of its manifestations and provides practical strategies to directly address both the core beliefs and the behaviors that can follow. Readers, whether they are individuals struggling through the dieting mindset or clinicians wanting to help clients with these issues, will glean insight and gain tools to move forward in a different way. Ending the Diet Mindset has the potential to change the pattern of disordered eating before it becomes an eating disorder.


Jonathan Levy, MD

Adult, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Specializing in Eating Disorders

Ending the Diet Mindset is an amazing guide to help people reclaim their relationship with food and body image. The ten mindset shifts are powerfully transformative and helpful to any person who has ever struggled with food, from dieting to eating disorders and anywhere in between. Becca’s insightful tips and strategies can empower anyone to reclaim their relationship with food. This book is the perfect guide to healing. I have used these Mindset shifts with clients and achieved noteworthy results. Thank you, Becca, for this helpful tool!


Tara Arnold, PhD, LCSW

Certified Eating Disorder Specialist & Supervisor

This is the book I wish my mom would have handed me when I was fifteen and beginning to struggle with my weight and self-image. Wise, witty, and totally-readable are not words one usually associates with diet books but Rebecca Clegg’s Ending the Diet Mindset is all that and more. If you’re ready to shift your relationship with food and find not only a sane way to eat but a sane way to live, this book’s for you. You’ll learn a whole new approach to losing weight which will help you understand why your past efforts have left you feeling like a failure. After reading Ending the Diet Mindset you?ll recognize how your brain and biology can derail your dieting efforts and you?ll understand how to work with your primal psychology to nurture your body toward health and vibrance. This book is a true gift to every woman who has ever failed at dieting or felt uncomfortable in her own body.


Maia Toll, M.A.

Folklorist & Women’s Wisdom Mentor, Author of The Illustrated Herbiary (Storey Books, August 2018)
Founder of www.herbiary.com; Blogging at www.maiatoll.com

Ending the Diet Mindset is like fresh air in the cultural smog of dieting and deprivation messages. Becca Clegg writes in a familiar, accessible voice, balancing research, years of clinical practice, and wisdom from lived experience. She lays out a practical yet soulful approach to help women stop cycles of body shame and dieting. As a couple and sex therapist, I was struck by how many parallels there are between Becca’s work to help women find body love and acceptance, and my own work to help individuals and couples heal and celebrate sexuality. Body shame is inherently sexual shame, and vice versa. As we learn to listen more mindfully to ourselves, practice self-compassion, and receive abundantly, we can heal old wounds, relate more deeply, and experience more joy and pleasure. Thank you, Becca, for this gem!


Erika Pluhar, PhD, EdS

Clinical Co-Director Whole Heart Psychotherapy

Becca Clegg does a great job of providing insightful and memorable examples of why dieting is so destructive. Throughout the book, Becca gives thought provoking questions and action steps to connect the reader to their inner wisdom on nurturing the body, mind and soul with satisfying foods. Ending the Diet Mindset helps the reader to discover the subconscious processes that undermine our self-worth while we are dieting. I will definitely use her practical approach of 10 mindset shifts with professionals and clients in the process of healing diet mentality, disordered eating and body image struggles.


Kathryn Fink Martinez, RD, CEDRD-S

Certified Intuitive Eating Professional

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