The prominence of money in our world often feels overwhelming, and our relationship with it can become detached and disconnected as a result. Healing your money mindset begins when you listen to your inner knowing and give yourself permission to access the magic within.

We are joined by Carrie VanWinkle in Season 1, Episode 4 of the Inner Alchemy Podcast to explore the healing power of taking control of your relationship with money and fostering a money mindset that helps you step into your authenticity.

How An Unhealthy Money Mindset Inhibits Your Role as Co-Creator of Your Own Life

Carrie VanWinkle is a social responsive investment advisor who has created a positive space for change by using money as a tool for healing, helping others as they navigate their relationship with money. Through her work, she has encouraged others to transform their money mindset and live a life of empowerment. Carrie has witnessed the power of conscious investment, supporting women as they invest in their money, and ultimately, invest in themselves. 

Societal expectations often try to measure success in ‘supposed-to’s.’ Our culture has us constantly wondering what we are supposed to be doing with our money, how much money we are supposed to have by now, and how much money we are supposed to have by the time we retire. It has created this false reality that compromises our dream life and interferes with our ability to be the co-creators of our own lives. All of a sudden, we are driven by money, not by our dreams.

Let’s be honest here: Money gets a bad rap. It’s complicated. It’s a source of stress. 

But, you are the co-creator of your own life. You decide your reality. You can renegotiate your relationship with money by aligning your investments with your values and your inner wisdom.

In Carrie’s words: “We need people to use money as a sacred tool to bring their consciousness and to bring their values to their money behaviors, so that they can be a part of creating positive change in the world.”

You are capable of being that positive change. You can use your inner magic to create the world that you want to see. And you can pursue healing through restoring your relationship with money. 

Carrie’s Four Pillars of Conscious Investing

Conscious investment is very much its own form of healing. You discover your true and authentic self when you look inward, and make the necessary changes that take you one step closer to finding fulfillment.

  1. Negative Screening: Stop investing in what you don’t believe in. Recognize when your investments go against your core beliefs and take action!
  1. Positive Screening: Direct your energy (& money) toward issues that matter to you. Consider what you are passionate about. Invest in what you want to see more of in the world. 
  1. Shareholder Advocacy: Advocate for change in the businesses that you love. Money can be a catalyst for change. When you invest, you harness your power to be the positive change.
  1. Community Investing: Support the communities that mean the most to you. Be confident in your connection to community and lean into that. Your choices have an impact!

To learn more about healing your relationship with money, listen to Carrie’s episode of the Inner Alchemy Podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts for more episodes as you embark on your healing journey and explore ways to access the magic within. 

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